F550 Flame Wheel Just won't fly

After calibrating the ESC and all of the sensors, I fire the motors up and the craft shakes and moves quite a bit. I set all of the PID values to 0 for each axis and it acts a little smoother but still cannot achieve take off. I gave it full throttle and then experienced a complete power failure. The battery (3s) was not damaged and not discharged. I have not tested the voltage yet to see if the BEC is the problem but probably is as far as power goes. But I need some help in how to tune this thing to get off the ground. Note it did not record any logs. Even on the SD card. I used a kit that came with the F550 frame, X2212 980kv motors, SimonK 30A ESC,and 1045 props. I running 3 3s lipo 5200mah 50c battery and ReadyToSky GPS. The total weight does not seem to exceed my DJI P4 Pro. I am using 915mhz telemetry to QGround Control which says it will not stream the logs because not enough bandwidth.I guess you could say I need lots of help… Px4 version is 1.8.1 V3 default as loaded from QGroundControl

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Try calibrating the motors/ESCs individually directly with the Rx. it’s not necessary but you can do the ESC calibration within QGC as well for good measure.

Good luck.

I am not familiar with how to calibrate the ESC’s individually. Can you provide a further explanation on how to do this?

Check this out. I always perform this process with any ESC to the Tx/Rx I would use for the build. As the video said, always refer to the manual for the actual process and/or to know what the sequence of beeps mean.

Good luck.

Thanks I’ll give it a go

I calibrated each motor individually, and was still unsuccessful at getting off the ground. At this point I have no Idea what to do. I have uploaded a video for illustration. https://youtu.be/bRa1vYuD_BY

Ebarrasingly enough the problem is solved, I had the rotor directions reversed i.e. props reversed. :slight_smile: