No more thrust above 50% throttle

Hardware: cube + mini carrier
Firmware version: 1.10.1
Airframe type: Quadrotor X
ESC Tmotor AIR 20A + Tmotor 2216 1100Kv

What I observe is that I do not have enough throttle to take off

  • We first thought it was the motor but after testing them on our Thrust measurment platform, it appears that they deliver the thrust w/r to % of throttle mentioned in the constructor table;
  • The ESC are properly calibrated with QGroundControl;
  • The RC has been properly calibrated with QGroundControl;

Actually what I observed when I was using the Analyzer widget is that when the throttle is moving from 1000 to around 1400, there is some thrust but if the throttle is moving above 1400, no more thrust is produced or even it is going done…

Here is an image showing the issue and it is possible to visualize a video here
The throttle channel is displayed on the top of the image and the output (aux1) is shown at the bottom.

Here is an image showing that the throttle range is from 1000 to 2000:

This is the first time I experience such problem and although I identified the issue, I do not know how to solve it. So please if there is somebody who can help


I had the same issue using the pixhack v3 with the Fun Cub Stndard VTOL. I had to change my flight controler because the SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW signal in MavLinkInspector wasn´t working properly. I´m now using the CUAV V5+ and it seems to be holding the output signal at 2000 when I apply full throttle. Hope this works for you.

@Sebastian_Vallejo_Al thank you for your message. If I understand correctly it was an hardware issue for you? Actually I am using a PixHawk2 which was working correctly on another setup but with the V1.8.0 firmware version. I am wondering whether it is a firmware issue as well…

Do you have a log of when it fails to take off properly?

@JulianOes please find one here:

I will make another one if necessary

Thank you for your support

Did you get “full throttle” during this log?