Throttle signal compressed into upper half

I’m experiencing strange throttle response after updating my controller. In Altitude and Position modes, my full throttle range is “compressed” into the upper half of the physical joystick movement. After arming, motors spin on low revs until I’m about 75% up on the throttle stick. Then I can fly “normally” if I operate my throttle in the 50-100% range.

Flying manual mode is normal - as in throttle stick is functional in 0-100 range as expected. I am using DShot600. I have tried switching to control allocation just to test the GUI and then back. Can it be that some parameters persisted?

Log Review shows throttle as [-1;1] rather than [0; 1]:

On which PX4 version are you? It recently changed, and now throttle should also be mapped [-1,1], while before 1.14 it [0,1] afaik.

@MaEtUgR fyi

Software Version: v1.13.2 (46a12a09)

Did you try to re-calibrate the RC?

I nuked the firmware, config, recalibrated the RC and it’s back to normal.

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