Thrust limiting

Hi, Got an issue with the max thrust: ESCs wont even load half the current when using the Pixhawk… is there some sort of limiter?
initial calib using QGC - motors didnt start spinning all at once.
manual calib of ESCs using a radio (throttle high-> power on -> throttle low)
Params set at: PWM_MAX : 1950 PWM_MIN = 1075
Tried increasing PWM_MAX to 2100, the aircraft stated pitching forward but no increase in power
Total Draw about 20A for all four motors. Individual motors draw about 11A when commanded directly using the radio. should the current draw be about 44 A at full throttle?

Changed Manual thrust limit to 100% from 90%

Similar to the one in AP

Hi what flight mode are you using? Angle or ALTCTRL?
If you using ALTCTRL mode you are limited in climbing speed by MPC_Z_VEL_MAX_UP


Thrust is limited by the mixer to leave room for stabilisation.
Calibration through your rx could result in a wrong offset, your tx might have a different pwm range.

Re-calibrated ESCs using the QGC, no differance in power consumption:

  1. Calib RC, Calib ESCs using QGC
    2, MANUAL Mode (with plane being tilted in bench)
  2. Stabilized mode (with plane being tilted in bench)
  3. Acro Mode
    Current draw is about 20A max, this is about half of 44A which was what it consumed when directly commanded

RC3 MAX 2013us
RC3 MIN 994us
RC3_TRIM 994us

PWM_MIN 1000
PWM_MAX 2000

Thrust will not go above (i think) 80%, the final 20 is needed for stabilization.
Considering that the current draw sounds about right

Hi there,

i have a very similar problem. Did you found a solution yet?