No compass connection using install wizard

After welding a bad contact between motor and esc on my Hexacopter i had to do a re instalation calibrating esc s compass …
I can`t get compass calibrating running using installation wizard what ever MP version used - tried with 3 different Pixhawk 2.4.8 and 2 different gps receivers with same result ,no contact. I can open calibration setup, get xyz axis on diagram without any dots to hit.

Have used MP 3 years first time such error occured.
When connected to my Radiolink AT 10 i get contact with 13 - 15 sattelites .Cant get green light on Pixhwk, flashing yellow .
When Calibrating Esc the system runs well and get succesful calibrating.

Does anybody have tip?

Frank Torvik

Id suggest asking at for help with ArduPilot and Missionplanner