Stuck on compass orientation

I’m getting the 'Compass inconsistent" error in QGC. The weird thing is that my external GPS is far from power sources on the drone and it already armed a few times a few days ago. I went on a trip and came back and its saying they are inconsistent. I’ve probably calibrated it 7 times, and it shows green boxes all around until I try to test it by taking off…then it gives the error. I’m ‘testing’ it with the props off and while connected via USB to the computer - could that be it? When I did it before and it worked it was with Mission Planner, so I switched to QGC when I got a Mission Planner error and still seeing a similar error…Both my pixhawk and SE100 are oriented properly.
I have no idea what to do next. Thanks for your time in reading -

If your GPS has an integrated compass, then disable the internal one via CAL_MAG1_EN.

Good luck.

So in Mission Planner, I can’t see that option in the Parameter List. I do, however, have Compass_Extern2 set to 1 and Compass_Primary and Compass_Use2 to 1, also. It is strange that Mission Planner is reporting Bad Compass Health, while QGC arms it just fine. Is there something else that needs to be changed, perhaps?

I moved the GPS unit farther away from the XT60/Battery connection and it worked!