[SOLVED] Compass calibration fails in QGroundControl

I’m having trouble with the compass calibration on my pixhawk. I successfully complete all the steps, but the pixhawk won’t set the compass in calibrated mode. I get an error message “MANUAL CONTROL LOST” at the second i complete the final step of calibration.

Anyone has any idea on what the problem is?

I seem to have found a solution to this. When I examine check the status of the compass using Mavros and looking at the sent topic, it does not always send values. Maybe the sensor does not start correctly. If I restart the pixhawk it starts up and I’m able to recieve values from mavros.

When I can see that the sensor is publishing, the compass calibration is completed successfully. It is however strange that I am able to calibrate all the compass positions in the first place, since this would imply that the sensor is started and working.

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