Help noob compass setup

My setup is:
QGC 3.5.6
Pixracer FC 1.9.2
Matek M8Q-5883 external GPS + compass
FC, ext. mag and vehicle all facing same direction. (rotation_none)
No magnetics nearby, ext. mag. is 6" above FC and 10" above motor.

Cannot arm because “compass sensors inconsistent” or “primary compass not found”

Per the image below, I believe that my external compass is 0 and internal compass is 1

pix comp console

If I try to disable internal compass 1, I get an Emergency:Mag1 fail:timeout

I have tried various combinations of enabling and disabling mags 0 thru 3 without success.

If I disconnect the external compass and do a compass calibration, I get all green, so I must be calibrating mag 1 internal compass.

  1. How can this calibration be true if mag 1 is disabled?
  2. Why does summary show all mags “ready” when it should show enabled or disabled similar to radio?
  3. Why does flight map show compass 90 degrees off ( E when rover is pointing S)?
  4. Why do I get “primary compass not found” when I attempt to arm? (Mag 0 enabled, Mag 1 disabled)
  5. Is the “primary” compass the internal compass, external compass or ??

Any and all help appreciated.

The primary/secondary issue is bit tricky. A compass is “primary” if:

  1. it is an external compass, or
  2. it is the only compass onboard when no external compass detected.

So when your 2 compass both presented, the external compass is the primary one. after you disconnect and do another calibration, the internal compass now becomes the primary.

If you always get an inconsistent warning and can not be muted by a calibration, then probably one of them is defected and it is recommended to ask for a replacement.

If the compass is 90 degree off, it may because you selected a wrong frame, or your mounting orientation is not aligned.

hi orico4
I have installed version 1.11.3. But only the internal compass is detected. And I can not select the external compass in the settings of the( cal_mag_perme) parameter.
Should gps firmware be connected to pixhawk when installing?


Did you connect external compass when you try to select the cal_mag_perme?

yes.gps here2 connect to pixhawk