Neither BAT_N_CELLS nor BAT1_N_CELLS exist px4 1.10

I’ve been trying to flash the new stable version (1.10) of PX4 onto a pixracer for HITL simulation, but have been having issues with the battery configuration. In the older version of px4 (1.9.0), I would set the value of BAT_N_CELLS to 6, but this parameter is apparently now deprecated and no longer exists. This is what I see in QGroundControl:

When I search for the available parameters, I dont see the new BAT1_N_CELLS parameter that is suggested in the parameter reference:

Flight review shows I am indeed running px4 1.10 on my pixracer:

Any ideas what could be the issue here?



Try using a daily build instead

Thanks for the reply, I downloaded the daily build of QGC and still can’t find any parameters for the battery configuration:

hello, I’m using px4 v1.10.1 and I have the same problem here.
I’m doing HILS with Pixhawk2 cube H/W, and JMAVSim simulator.
Have you solved this issue? Thank you.

@dagar I thought the battery parameters with no battery number for battery 1 were supposed to still in there? Hence QGC should continue to work fine.