Neither BAT_N_CELLS nor BAT1_N_CELLS exist px4 1.10

I’ve been trying to flash the new stable version (1.10) of PX4 onto a pixracer for HITL simulation, but have been having issues with the battery configuration. In the older version of px4 (1.9.0), I would set the value of BAT_N_CELLS to 6, but this parameter is apparently now deprecated and no longer exists. This is what I see in QGroundControl:

When I search for the available parameters, I dont see the new BAT1_N_CELLS parameter that is suggested in the parameter reference:

Flight review shows I am indeed running px4 1.10 on my pixracer:

Any ideas what could be the issue here?



Try using a daily build instead

Thanks for the reply, I downloaded the daily build of QGC and still can’t find any parameters for the battery configuration:

hello, I’m using px4 v1.10.1 and I have the same problem here.
I’m doing HILS with Pixhawk2 cube H/W, and JMAVSim simulator.
Have you solved this issue? Thank you.

@dagar I thought the battery parameters with no battery number for battery 1 were supposed to still in there? Hence QGC should continue to work fine.

Hi folks, I’m installing a Pixhawk4 Mini in an airframe at the moment, flashed with the latest stable release of PX4 (1.10.1) and I am also encountering the same issue. Power to the FC is supplied via the included Holybro PM06. FC power up and connects to QGroundControl no issue but for all the battery related parameters, the FC is looking to BAT_xxx parameters instead of the BAT1_xxx parameters, saying that the parameters are deprecated. New parameters aren’t found when I search for them. FC doesn’t report a valid battery voltage and therefore will not arm, not will it successfully complete an ESC calibration, at least in terms of what the FC reports, however the ESCs chirp as expected.
How can I point the FC to the correct parameters. This is the only issue currently preventing the Quad from arming.