Pixracer Pro does not recognize battery status

Hello, I am having a problem with Pixracer Pro not being able to monitor battery voltage/current.
The firmware is v1.12.3 with default parameters. The power module ACSP4 is working fine (I can get the battery status with pixhawk4 mini).
Do I need to set any parameters?

Good day, you need set the following parameters in battery monitor

BAT_A_PER_V : 36.3
BAT_V_DIV: 13.3

just keep a good limit for the remaining voltage

Thanks for your reply.
I changed the parameters, but cannot monitor the battery status.
Do you have any other ideas?

Good day,
do you mind provide more info about how you have set the battery

I have the same issue, the power module ACSP4 works fine with pixracer R15. but when i swapped the FC to pixracer pro, it does not read the battery

i will do some test with my board and I will let you know

Sorry for the late reply …

The detailed information is as follows.
Firmware version: 1.12.3
Source: Power Module
Voltage divider: 13.3
Amps per volt: 36.3
See the attached photo for detailed battery parameters.

The flight controller and power supply board are connected for the photo.

Battery voltage and other information is not displayed as follows:

ookay… i will flash my board later and i will let you know asap

3/4 way down the page, did you see this?

Normal Usage Guide


problem still persist, any info?

@local_ad What settings do I need to change to implement this?
I have the same problem with a pixracer pro, the uorb topic battery_status (through nsh) displays the correct voltage, but in QGC it doesn’t recognize the battery.

The correct pins are already implemented here (PX4-Autopilot/board_config.h at main · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub). And if I use the command listener battery_status in nsh, I get the correct readings. I believe that the issue is mavlink sharing the wrong information with QGC.

i switched to the 1.13.0 beta 1 version and the problem was fixed for me