Need help with PID values (big hexa)

I am testing a new hexacopter which is very big. Dimensions nearly 1.3 meters distance between the motors.

The copter is wobbling and shaking very heavy and nearly crashed.

I increased and decreased the mc_rollrate_p. On last flight it was set to 0.165.
Still the problems haven`t been solved.

Can someone give me a recommendation for PID-values?

I uploaded the logfiles from last flight:

Here is also a link to the video of the flight (the camera guy was nervous so not all i captured…). But maybe it helps :slight_smile:

It would be great to get some help!


Try Auto tune in APM. It will figure out the PID values for you. Once you have the PID values, you can then copy them into the ground control program you are using.

hi friend i have the same problem big copter 1300, did you manage to configure PID? what are your PID values
I’m sorry for the explanation I write through the translator