Large Hexacopter PID

Hey everyone, I’m wondering if anyone has experience tuning a large hexacopter drone. We have had difficulty trying to tune a large, heavylift drone. If anyone has developed a heavylift drone using PX4, I would love to connect and ask for your advice. Thanks.

Hey Ashura,
I have built several large Hexacopters (close to 25kg). The main problems I have faced are excessiv vibrations and finding the right PID sets. Please give me some more information about your drone, such as Motors, Airframe, FC-Mounting/Damping. If you have managed to do flight already, a log of the flight would be great.

Hi Ashura,
We build many large multi rotors up to about 50 Kg flight weight, and have gone as high as about 85 Kgs at this time. My first advice would be to go over to Arducopter flight code, much easier to use (and tune) and works well with heavy aircraft.
It is very difficult to give actual gain settings that will work for a different aircraft. Gain depends not only on weight, but also weight distribution, physical dimensions of the aircraft, and more importantly the reactivity of your drive. Reactivity is governed by motor choice, ESC settings, operating voltage, prop size and weight etc, so what works for one aircraft is no way guaranteed to work for another even if flight weight is similar. The faster the reactivity of your drive, the lower gain you need.
If you choose to go over to Arducopter and share some details of your aircraft we can probably give you some settings that will get you in the air (some video of where you are at now would also be very helpful), and from there a (slightly scary) auto tune would be your best bet. We actually tune on a special rig in the workshop and avoid tuning in the air (for obvious reasons) but if you don’t have this facility auto tune is about the easiest option to get the aircraft ‘tight’.

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