Multirotor VTOL has uncontrolled yaw, motors not spinning at same rpm

I have a multi-rotor VTOL aircraft config as shown here

The aircraft is flying but there is a constant yaw to the right and there is no yaw control to the left.
4 of the 8 motors are spinning at higher rpm than the other. Here’s the log

@LorenzMeier @bresch @tumbili Can somebody please help?

The yaw controller is doing as much as it can do, but it not enough. I guess the rotors are not properly aligned or they don’t rotate in the correct direction.

@bresch thanks for the quick response.

Does this also explain the difference in motor rpm?
I will recheck the rotor directions and post the result tomorrow.

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@gkashyap yes, the vehicle tries to yaw, this is why four motors (spinning in the same direction) are at full speed and the four other ones (in the other direction) are at low speed.