Motors spinning with different pwm

I am using 810 kv emax motors with 10x4.5 inch props. After doing all the calibration i try to test the motors without props. Keeping the vehicle on level ground I increase the throttle. Increasing the throttle to 20-30% I observe large differences in the pwm values of the 4 motor outputs. Please help me understand, shouldn’t all the motors output the same pwm if vehicle is leveled. What might be issue here?
Attaching log file for servo output from QGC.

px4 servo log 4_compressed.pdf (41.3 KB)

This is normal, the attitude controller is adjusting the PWM values to stabilize the drone.

Hi, after not getting any luck with px4. I switched to ardupilot to check whether the problem was with my hardware or not. Without any changes to the default setting the vehicle flew in a stable manner.Thinking it might be the pid gains issue, I tried using ardupilot pid gains with px4 but the copter remains unstable.
I have been at it for 3 days now, any advice is greatly appreciated.

PS: I am using DJI Flamewheel F450 frame with 810 kv emax motors and 10x4.5 inch props. On flying the vehicle on default gains from px4 the copter yaws or most of the times rolls to the right.

Could you upload a log file to and share the link here?
Btw, are you using the dji ESCs of the F450 kit? Those don’t support calibration and you need to use a specific SYS_AUTOSTART = 4011

Hellow zaccer. Do you solve the problem? I have a same issue when I use old px4 version(1.10.2). But when I use latest px4, drone flys well.

If you solved this problem, please tell me how you fix it and what px4 version do you use~help plz