PX4 1.12.3: Diverging Motor RPM on new Quad

Trying again… no replies

I’ve been investigating via MAVLink Inspector and my radio channels are calibrated and centered (RC_CHANNELS) and the MANUAL_CONTROL moves from 0 to 1000 for throttle and -1000 to 0 to 1000 on stick movements.

Before I arm, SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW is reported as 900 on all motors and, when I arm and have throttle at 0, this jumps to 1075. When I begin to throttle up, all motors seem to move up in sync but quickly begin to diverge. Essentially, one of the motors has been throttled all the way back to ~1075.

This is a new build and I’m new to PX4 and QGC. That said, I’ve followed the setup carefully and I’m pretty sure the IMU and GPS are reporting “reasonable” numbers. Help please???

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