Motor stopped spinning

@JulianOes Pixhawk 6C, V1.14

Tilt Rotor

standard config:
3 (FL) 1 (FR)
2 (RL) 4 (RR)

The drone was on ground all the time, as we were checking the correct reaction from drone according to pilot command.

log file:

as can be seen in log file, during 1:45 to 1:53 there is pitch command and at that point two motors i.e 2 and 4 stopped completely.
Motor 4 stayed off even after removing pitch.

The drone weights around 10 kg and 4 12s motors with 16 inch prop can produce 7.5 kg so there is enough room. The ESC calibration and other required calibrations were also performed before flight.

So, at idle throttle, right after arming, are all props spinning at a minimum (but not zero) speed?

No, at arming there are not turning with minimum speed. The min PWM values for motors were 1000, they did not turn. I increased the min PWM to 1100, still they were not turning.


I did testing again yesterday. I recalibrate the ESC. and tested everything. As you can see, the respected motors gets zero output and they stopped turning when i give pitch, roll or yaw.

PWM 1000-2000 and disarmed 800.

@JulianOes help would be amazing, as we are stagnated here. Not able to perform further flight test.

Have a look at this:

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