More on BAT deprecated (and BAT1 missing!)

Hi everyone and Happy New Year

I’m still going back to the topic of BAT deprecated because I can’t find an adequate solution and all the threads are closed without a tips

I have to use a MAUCH with ADS1115 to manage the battery parameters and despite having activated the appropriate instructions, I have no opening on the BAT1 instruction set

The additional circuit performed with ADC1115 is perfect and works great (also verified with small Sketch via Arduino). The input (analog) V and I quantities are perfect and the output of the A/D converter correctly presents the 16bit digital coding

I don’t understand why PX4 doesn’t open the new BAT1 set (BAT1_I_CHANNEL, BAT1_V_CHANNEL, etc)

I remember that on Ardupilot it was possible to set pins 13 and 14 for battery monitoring and since I am not very familiar with PX4 I ask if anyone has any updates for this problem and if the pin setting is also present on PX4

Thank you