No current reading with Cube Orange, working on Ardupilot


I’ve just made the switch to PX4 from Ardupilot, but now the power module is constantly reading 0 current (voltage works fine). I’ve briefly switched back to Ardupilot to confirm it’s not hardware related, and there 0.3A is read at idle (which my external Watt Meter ~ also reads).
I’ve also check the raw MavLink messages which also reads 0.

I’m using a Cube Orange with the standard carrier board with the included power brick, which I’ve even swapped out without changes. I’ve connected it to both POWER ports of the pixhawk, with no change.
Here are my battery params:
Screenshot 2022-05-20 134631
Do I have to set the BAT2_I_CHANNEL param? I haven’t really found documentation for that parameter.

It indeed was the BAT_I_CHANNEL. Apparently for ADS-B IN Carrier Boards the automatic detection is wrong, for POWER1 you need to manually set BAT1_I_CHANNEL to 4 and for POWER2 BAT2_I_CHANNEL to 15.

What I still find weird are the calibrated voltage per amp values. For POWER1 it’s 6 A/V and POWER2 over 110 A/V. I think I never saw such a big difference between the connectors. But it works, at least :smiley: