Parameters for enabling Batmon BMS causing problems in Vehicle Setup

I am running a custom version of 1.11.3 PX4 using an external battery monitor.

When the parameter “bat1_source” is changed to “external” several “bat…” parameters are dropped from the list as they are not necessary. However, “bat_v_charged” and “bat_v_empty” are necessary, but still dropped when the “bat1_source” parameter is changed. This causes the “Power” tab in vehicle setup to constantly ask for configuration and throw up an error that the two aforementioned parameters are missing.

In version 1.12.0 (the latest stable release) “bat_v_charged” and “bat_v_empty” are not dropped from the list when “bat1_source” is assigned the “external” option.

I am trying to understand why those two parameters can be found in 1.12 and not in 1.11.3 and where in the change in the code is that enables those parameters to stick around. I don’t have any use for the Power tab in vehicle setup but I want it to stop throwing errors at me.

Any help is appreciated.