Minimosd dont work

Hi I have a pixhawk 2.4.8 system and i have been using it for two years. There is a minimosd on that system. I had a short circuit and burn the sytem . After that i bought new pixhawk and minimosd .İ did wiring as suggested, i did the settings. When i start the system there is no telem overlay on the screen. There is naked cam image. Minimosd is working ( mean leds are flashing.) bu there is no telem data on the screen. Like i have no osd .I changed the telem ports but it doesnt work. Should i change the pixhawk settings ? If yes , which settings should i change ? Please help me .

Hi again. İt was about firmwares. I changed the pixhawk’s and miniosd’s firmware to older firmwares . İ fixed the problem.