Pixhawk 5X (RF Telemetry 433MHz stopped working)



  • Pixhawk 5X
  • Micro OSD V2 + Atlatl HV V2 + Camera
  • standard radio telemetry 433 MHz

I configured everything through QGroundRontrol.
I connected everything according to the diagram.

I connected Micro OSD V2 + Atlatl HV V2 + Camera - the image in the glasses is good, but the RF Telemetry stopped working for the 1st and 2nd ports. It works on the third port, but very slowly and there are constant errors.

I disabled Micro OSD V2, but the situation did not change.
I thought that I damaged the ports, maybe I connected them incorrectly.

As a result, I reflashed the latest version of the ArduPilot firmware and the ports started working.

I suspect that there are errors when setting ports in QGroundControl and not all parameters are correctly accepted.

Has anyone faced this?