How to Reconfigure Serial Port Pins TX/RX

Can anyone give me insight or a link that shows how to reconfigure pins on serial ports or guide me to a another way to configure an unused serial port to connect to MinimOSD? My port options are: RC IN, DEBUG, or use TX/RX pins on Telem/i2c port with connected Airspeed sensor that is not using SCA and SDL pins and not TX/RX pins.

I have a Holybro PX4 Mini and I need an additional port for my OSD to get Mavlink Data.

  • The Telem 1 port is occupied by the Sik radio. (Occurrence 0)

  • I tried setting up Mavlink (Occurrence 1) parameters on the RC IN port with the same settings as Telem 1, but it doesn’t work. Also tried it on Debug port as well.

  • I’ve tried to piggyback the Minim Osd with the SiK only using the RX and power wires from the Radio, but it just says “requesting Mavlink Data” and then waits for heartbeats.