MAVROS: python subscriber and publisher name, description, and parameter name

I am trying to find if there is a reference where I can find subscriber and publisher names vs. PX4 parameter names.
For example, at PX4-Autopilot/ at main · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub
Line #64: rospy.Subscriber(‘mavros/altitude’, Altitude, self.altitude_callback)
I would like to find a mapping between name string ‘mavros/altitude’ and a PX4 parameter, and for other PX4 parameters in Full Parameter Reference · PX4 User Guide. Would appreciate your suggestions and references.

I found that PX4 parameters are accessed through “mavros/param/set|get|push”, and PX4 parameters can be set. Full parameters are at Full Parameter Reference · PX4 User Guide, and “pxh> param show” list all available the PX4 parameters.

I am interested in a list equivalent to C++ package summary (mavros_msgs - ROS Wiki) for Python. I can get a “/mavros/*” list by printing rospy.get_param_names(). I am not sure if it is a complete list. For example, “mavros/altitude” and “mavros/extended_state” do not show up.