MAV_2_ params unavailable for pix32v5

Any particular reason why params MAV_2_MODE, MAV_2_FORWARD, MAV_2_RADIO_CTL and MAV_2_RATE are missing from the stable firmware for pix32v5 (they were not there in v.1.10.1 and not in v1.11.3). Since they are not present TELEM3 cannot be configured; MAV_2_CONFIG is present but quite useless without the other knobs. I want to be able to connect another offboard using TELEM3.

Based on serial_configuration.html and mavlink_peripherals.html those params should be available and configurable.

Was it a matter of copy&paste from fmu_v5, wanting to preserve resources, or simply unsupported hardware? The standard carrier board for that fmu has ports TELEM1, TELEM2, TELEM3, TELEM4/GPS2, …