[Resolved] PX4 & Companion on latest Firmware


My current setup:
HW: PX4FMU 2.4.8 with STM32F427 Rev3
SW: PX4 Firmware v1.8.2

I’m trying to build GitHub - NVIDIA-AI-IOT/redtail: Perception and AI components for autonomous mobile robotics. project, and currently I stack on configuring Companion mode based on this howto: PX4-Devguide/pixhawk_companion.md at master · PX4/PX4-Devguide · GitHub

My problem is following: I cant find MAV_1_CONFIG / MAV_1_MODE / SER_TEL2_BAUD parameters in the QGC
I can only see the following MAV_* parameters:

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. flashed the latest Firmware (v1.8.2) from QGC, no success
  2. compiled px4fmu-v2_default (based on tag v1.8.2) and flashed with no success
  3. compiled px4fmu-v3_default (based on tag v1.8.2) and flashed (with option --force since I have Rev 3) with no success

Question: please help me to understand what I’m missing in my configuration to make sure I can switch MAVLink to TELEM 2 port

I think I found answers to my problem here Mav_0_config not seen

FYI, build latest master that is v1.9.0, target FMUv3, flashed via QGC and everything is working as expected, I can see all parameters

Not sure, if I can mark this topic as Resolved…

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