Telem2 lost after upgrade firmware 1.9.2

Before the last software update (1.9.2) I used two outputs TELEM1 and TELEM2 to send/recieved MAVLINK datas. With TELEM1 toward RadioLink AT10II and a telemetry module PRM-O3. With TELEM2 toward a SIK RADIO radio modem to QGroundControl (Android or Windows).After the update, I lost TELEM2. I can not set TELEM2. Studying the documentation PX4, it seems me that it is possible to configure a second session MAVLINK on TELEM2 with the parameters MAV_1 _ …, But I can not find the parameters MAV_1_FORWARD, MAV_1_MODE, MAV_1_RATE on QGC.To avoid the problem, I use only TELEM1 with MAV_0 but it seems to me that it is a functional regression of this version.Can you help me ?