Mag0 Selftest Failed Error

Hi all,

I calibrated my drone with QGC and the calibration seems fine. But when I try to fly the drone I receive the error ‘Mag0 selftest failed’. I have attached screenshots with mag parameter values below.

What could be the cause of this and what should be done to correct solve this?

Any idea is much appreciated.


Hey there. Im still very new at this, and this probably isnt the correct way, but its doing the same thing for me. What I have done to get it to fly is reset all those red params back to default except the ones that say “ID.”
Ive heard the fastest way to get the correct answer on the internet is to post the wrong answer.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I reconfigured my drone and tried setting different parameters and finally got it working! :smiley:

Hi! I am facing the same issue! How did you solved?
Thank You!