Loading custom firmware to pixracer

has anyone tried to flash cleanflight or betaflight to the pixracer?
is it possible?
what are to issues if tried?

Sorry no idea, but out of curiosity if you already have a pixracer what would draw you to cleanflight or betaflight? What’s PX4 missing?

to be honest with u i am really just trying to solve my issue with this insane instability of this quadcopter and trying any route to understand what is causing it, and just trying to see whats out there

If you load PX4 on the pixracer, attempt a flight, and share the log we might be able to help. You’ll need to look for the equivalent cleanflight or betaflight forums for help with that autopilot firmware.

what software do i need to open the logs ,so i can upload them for you and everyone to see , also as far as cleanflight and betaflight i have never used them and know far less about them then i know abot qgc and px4 ,which i would prefer to use any how

use qgc to download log(file with magnifying glass icon), and upload here http://logs.uaventure.com/, the share link

i have the flight logs ,and will upload them this weekend when i am off work , i also have have bought a new set of motors that will be delivered tomarrow that i will test up to find out if it is a compatibility issue between the motors and the esc ,i will post my findings asap