Rc problems on new build

Hey everyone! i just pieced together a pixhawk2 build for doing small scale tests for my work. Ive built many quadcopters in betaflight, but this is my first ardupilot, mission planner build.

Heres my status: all motors spin proper direction. I have quad H set in config. All tx inputs respond correctly in mission planner. Flysky tx shows telemetry, and beeps when toggling flight modes. I can even arm the quad…but thats where im stuck. Once armed, only the throttle responds. Even though mission planner verifies that pitch, roll and yaw are being received. What am I missing here? If you need any logs or additional info, please ask! Im stumped. Thanks in advance for the help.

For ArduPilot and Missionplanner questions, best to ask on their forum discuss.ardupilot.org

I appreciate the reply…but this may be a pixhawk issue…i was just showing my steps as to my current situation. I dont know if i have a bad pixhawk, or need to flash older firmware, or if flysky sbus is even compatible. Everything in these fc is so closely intertwined…i could use qgroundcontrol or mission planner, it makes no difference…

It very much sounds like a setup issue: if you’re using ArduPilot firmware, their forum is the place to get assistance