Downgrading PX4 firmware procedures

I found that after flashing to the suggested latest firmware (Feb 27, 2019) from PX4 stack, my RC is undetectable by QGC. I tried to reflash and change to MP no change.
Can someone help me how to downgrade back the older firmware bacause the file I downloaded from github is large and I don’t know which .px4 file to run. And is downgrading fw would be a solution to my problem?
Thanks, any help is appreciated.

Good day,
what kind of fc you need downgrade?

The fact that QGC is not detecting any RC Channels in reality has nothing to do with QGC. This is fully a vehicle side problem. RC channel information is sent to QGC over telemetry from the vehicle. If you are having problems settings up RC then I would ask the question on Firmware forums/channels.

Thanks for the suggestion.
The reason that I asked using this category was that the fact that the problem, rc detection fails occured after a fw upgrade. Before was ok.
My Taranis was also tested using a servo, it was bound and worked well.
Any solution to this? Tx

I have not attempted to downgrade a qgc fw before. I came from MP environment. The procedure to upgrade/downgrade fw is different to what I know. I tried ver 1.8.0 but I coudnt get the right file fom the folder.
Help is appreciated.

  • Download and save this file to a folder of your choice. This is v1.8.0 stable.
  • Go to the saved file and change the extension to px4.
  • Open QGC and click on the Gear Icon on the top right corner the click the Firmware tab
  • Plug the USB to the FC.
  • Put a check mark on Advance settings
  • Click the pull down menu and choose Custom Firmware file.
  • Go to where you saved the below and and double-click it.
  • It should reboot itself when the loading is done.
  • Click the Summery tab to confirm the firmware version.

If you want v1.8.1 stable px4fmu-v2_default.px4, you can get it here.

Good luck.

px4fmu-v2_default.stl (861.1 KB)

Thanks for the help. I managed to have it unstalled and solved the RC detection issue.