PX4 Firmware Update Fails

New here…

I’m using NXP FMU v3… the QGroundControl is connecting and is receiving telemetry. My issue is that the firmware is reported as 1.11rc and, when I try to update, everything seems to be going fine until QGC tries to erase the PX4 and I get a failure.

On setup, I’m just trying to start on the latest… maybe updating to newest STABLE isn’t needed but I’m confused as to why I’m failing…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have Hexacopter S550 frame with a Pixhawk 2.4.8 for flight controller. For our transmitter/receiver, I have a Radio Link AT9S Pro and RD9S. For firmware, we are using the PX4 via QGroundControl. I don’t have a camera. Even after watching multiple you-tube videos and google searches, we are still getting a ‘GPS not arming error’. We have also visited different forums for answers to no avail. Can someone give me some guidance? Is the GPS bad?