Kopis2, PX4, PX4Flow


I try to make a basic line follower.
will use Kopis2(FC = Kakute F7, vtx unmounted), PX4Flow, companion computer(connected to Kakute’s telem. output)
First question is which rx tx ports will i use?
I mounted PX4Flow on a PX4 flashed Kopis2.
But when I set the Estimator to EKF2, EKF2’s paramaters are not activated, does not seem.
Couldn’t find Aid_Mask etc.
How can i make EKF2 parameter settings to use PX4Flow full?
How can activate distance sensor to calculate altitude?


Regarding connections, have you seen https://docs.px4.io/master/en/flight_controller/kakutef7.html?
ekf2 is disabled on kakute f7 due to limited flash: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/blob/master/boards/holybro/kakutef7/default.cmake#L37. You’re going to need to disable other things (quite a lot, as ekf is quite big).

Now I have seriously experienced the memory required for EKF2 :slight_smile:

What are the non-fatal elements that I can comment out other than the following?
i activated EKF2 and comment out below (surely I was not successful in editing the flash size):

Serial_ports: gps1 (no need)
Drivers: gps (no need), magnometer (kakute has not), osd (no need)
Modules: attitude_estimator_q (will use ekf2)
Systemcmds: led_control (no need)

Solved: Bare minimum configuration to include EKF2