Kopis-2 EKF2 Arming But Not Response Transmitter

Finally everything is okey about flash but there is an odd issue.
I flashed Kopis2 and select SYS_AUTOSTART = 4053(Holybro Kopis2)
All calibrations and transmitter switch assignments are done.
Then changed parameters to;
MC_AIRMODE = Disabled
EKF2_AID_MASK = 2(optical flow)

When armed motors are spinning but not response to transmitter’s yaw, thrust, roll, pitch sticks.
I armed and disarmed with transmitter switch.

First i think it’s because of esc calibration but dshot is not need for calibration and when i try esc calibration with Qground an error occured about safety switch.

When changed Multicopter Altitude Control, Multicopter Position Control and Multicopter Rate control parameter to default, only thrust stick responsed but the motors spinned with vibration, like out of whack. Frame made some disturbing noise.

I need help.

In addition, when testing the motors with Qground, the rotation speed of the motors are increased or decreased without any problem.

also 20sec log about issue:
may be @JulianOes ?

cmake file that EKF2 included is here: https://github.com/a-altug/Firmware-1/blob/master/boards/holybro/kakutef7/default.cmake

when i change SYS_MC_EST_GROUP to LPE, MC_AIRMODE to Disables throttle responsed.

when i select EKF2, ARMED motors are spinned normally as armed but not responsed to throttle sticks.

What is wrong with EKF2 on Kakute7 FC?

Any help? @bkueng @JulianOes

Do you have a mag installed? ekf2 requires a mag+baro to initialize.
Also make sure to flash latest master and reload the Kopis parameters. There have been some recent fixes in https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/pull/15018.