Inherited pixhawk2 with cube - where to start?

I inherited a pixhawk 2 with a black cube and a rats nest of hardware and cabling.
Where do I begin? I have read a lot via internet searches, yet haven’t found any documentation or instructions that will help me connect my windows 10 PC to the pixhawk2.

I am in a similar position. I have not had success getting Windows 10 to work with the Pixhawk. I have an Orange Cube. I was able to get QGroundControl to work with the hardware running Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine.

Hi Kthomas,

I don’t know where are you looking for info, but I think that there is a lot of usefull info about getting started.

Here you have the general guide of PX4:

First of all unplug everything.

Here the configuration guide with QGroundControl:

You can dowload QGround Control from here:

Here the wiring guide:

About video on Youtube, is true that you don’t have some much with PX4, but there are some:

I hope this could be helpfull.

Hi Nameeri,

Wich is your problem? QGroundControl in Win10 doesn’t recognise the Cube Orange?


Correct. In Win10 Device manager, I get a yellow exclamation for the Cube Orange Mavlink

The QGroundControl has no success in communicating with the device. Under Ubuntu I have no issues and QGroundControl was able to connect and I was able to begin setting up the device, ex airframe type, etc.

Thank you! I will dig into these links.

Hi Nameeri,

Actually configuring the conexion of the Orange Cube in W10 is a little nightmare.

You could find different posts with the same issue. I can share with you my last workaround to solve the problem, but it may not help to you:

  1. Uninstall QGC.
  2. From Device Manager unistall both Cube orange devices (with the orange plugged). After that unplugg the Cube.
  3. Enter to Mission Planer (in case you have it installated). Press Ctrl+F and select “clean drivers”. Unistall Mission Planner.
  4. Go to UAV drivers installation folder (usually within Program Files) and execute “cleandrivers”.
  5. From Control Panel, unistall “UAV Drivers” application and all the HEX microsoft drivers.
  6. Restart computer.
  7. Install Mission Planner. When you connect now the Cube Orange you will see this within Device Manager.
  8. Install a stable version of QGC. Important: Don’t install again UAV drivers (press cancell in that step).

Good luck!

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I will give this a try. Thanks for your help!

Retro-meb, this worked! Really appreciate the help. Makes it much easier than having to start a VM each time.

Great! thanks for the feedback.