Inaccurate circle when using script with radius_m=3

Hi forum,

I am trying from mavsdk example directory with change in parameter raduis_m from default value 10 to 3. The output orbit is very far from a circle shape. How can I do some modifications to get a more circle-like orbit with small radii?

Can you share a log file of what you see and what you would expect instead? Or a screenshot? I’m not quite sure what you mean.

I set the radius_m parameter as 1 and 3 meters in file and run the code. It is not circling on the orbit with this radii (it seems it needs a more denser discretization to make a more precise circle in small raduis). I’m not sure that this is a interial parameter-related or GPS precision problem. So, in general, the question is that “how I can do a more circle-like off-board in small radii?”

Interesting, looks like this might be the way it is implemented.

Let me ping @MaEtUgR to see what he says.