Simulationg Gazebo + ArduCopter + SITL: problem in Circle mode

Hi all,

I have been simulating a drone in Gazebo 7.0 using Mavros with Ardupilot. Most modes work properly, but I have a problem with the Circle mode. From the Ardupilot documentation, I understand that the nose of the drone should always be pointing towards the center of the circle, which is not the case for me. The drone is circling fine, I have no error messages anywhere, but its nose is always pointing forward instead of towards the center of the circle. I am not overwriting any yaw commands from the autopilot so it looks like this could be a bug in the Gazebo + mavros/SITL setup. Here is my small script if you want to take a look.

If anyone has any ideas or has tried using Circle mode in Gazebo and can tell me how it went, that would be great! Any help is greatly appreciated!

You’ll need to ask on the ardupilot forums.

I did, but nobody is replying that’s why I turned to a broader community… But thanks anyway!