In position mode elevator not working

While using Position and Altitude flight modes, my elevator servos do not work, is it because of the flight mode, it works in Stabilized, acro, manual modes, but Position and altitude do not work, can you help?

Only elevator doesn’t work, throttle, rudder and aileron work, I tried with two different Transmitter (FLYSKY FSI6-X and Radiolink AT10) and two different Pixhawk CUBE ORANGE.

Can you share a log file please? You can upload it to

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thank you mr.Julian here is the my log one of the recent flights.

In this logfile you are always in stabilized mode, and not position mode. What am I missing?

yes, I’m flying in stabilized because position mod doesn’t work, but can I arm in Position mod and share log?

I armed in Position mod here is the log

You seem to be using PX4 v1.11.2. I strongly recommend to use v1.13.3 instead and try again.

Do you mean “elevon doesn’t work” → “elevon doesn’t move in Position mode when moving the pitch stick”? That’s expected, the controller doesn’t run when landing is detected. In air it should work if it works in Stabilized on the ground.