VTOL Quad tailsitter

Hello everyone. The elevons on my plane doesn’t work and is there any parameters needed to adjust to make them work.And how can i keep the heading stability only with two elevons?

They don’t work at all, or they’re ineffective? Can you share a flight log? It’s an easy way to check the parameters.

It seems that my AUX channels don’t work at all. Because when i move the stick in the fixed wing mode, my elevons don’t move at all. The two links will lead you to two flight logs. But they are about the test in which my plane was just on the table. Hope that it will help.

My flight log was shared on the third floor. Can you help me check it?

Have you solved your problem?I’ve been working on hanging fixed wing recently, but the problem I have is that the four motors don’t rotate in the vertical take-off. Can you give me a hand?