Imossible set specific parameter with PX4 firmware 1.14 and QGC 4.3.0

After ugrading firmware at 1.14, i noticed that is impossible set a specific configuration on the board (i.e. X500 v2), but only the generic quadcopter.

Impossible also set SYS_AUTOSTART = 4019 manually.

Same thing for other frame as rover or plane. No specific set is available.

Some one has idea?

Can you be more specific? I also upgraded the firmware recently but never had any issue like this.
What you mean by set manually? Did you use the MAVlink shell with “param set”?
And do you get any error when setting the airframe from QGC UI?

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Hi @Simone_Ciresa , it seems that the issue was caused by the update of QGC on a previous version (Windows based). I have disinstalled QGC, delate all folders, reinstalled QGC4.3.0. Then, related my PIX 4 mini, i have formatted sd card end, via QGC option, restore it at factory level.
Now parameters of specific build (my case Holybro 500v2) seem set correctly.

Following update if, during the build, others do not work properly

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