How to set up transponder (FLARM, ADS-B,..) communication (correct parameters?)

Hello everyone,

I try to connect a FLARM UAV Dev Kit (similar to ADS-B). It provides the MAVlink messages: Heartbeat, Collision and adsb_vehicle.
I plugged it in the Telem2 port, Rx and Tx are crossed. LED indicators on the Kit are ok for PWR, GPS and Rx (Tx not ok).
When I follow the quickstart paper from the Kit SYS_COMPANION should be changed, but this parameter seems to be no longer available on the latest Px4 release. Therefore, I followed the instructions here
and set the parameters to:

MAV_1_MODE = Normal
MAV_1_RATE= 57600
MAV_1_FORWARD = Enabled

But nothing happens.

  • Are the parameters correct? What would be correct?
  • Is there an option to display the MAVlink stream?
  • Does anyone know how to set up a related device?


Slack discussion:

The problem was that the devkit did not have the correct firmware installed. To get the necessary data you have to contact the company. The firmware is only valid until the date contained in the name. For parameter and other settings watch this link:

Thank you and happy flying!