How to install px4 firmware on Pixhawk?

I wish to change firmware on my pixhawk from APM Arducopter 3.3 to Px4. I connected my pixhawk using usb to my laptop-qground control and qgroundcontrol installed px4 firmware on it.

However I do not know which version of firmware it is. How do I install specific version of px4 firmware on pixhawk?

Use the daily build of QGC and it will tell you which version you are installing.

@DonLakeFlyer your recommendation is currently the daily build of QGC the latest Release?

Where can I find daily build for qgroundcontrol ? I dont see any daily build here -

I did go through that documentation. I assume you are talking about “3.0 Release Candidate Builds”. I installed the windows installer and got the > qgroundcontrol v2.9.7b-411-g0fefa4f (Development). How do I know it is the latest version of Daily Build?

Do the links on the download page get updated with each new daily build? How do I know which version of qgroundcontrol is the latest one?

We are in RC mode now for 3.0 release. These would normally be listed as Daily Builds. The links (RC or Daily Build) always point to the latest build.

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