How to build/get specific firmware release, as v.1.14.3?

I purchased a Pixhawk 6X (rev8) flight controller, in the manufacturer documentation says it is supported since “PX4 1.14.3 release and later”, but QGroundControl uses 1.14.0 for Stable or 1.15.0alpha for the “Beta” one:

Also, I cannot find where to download that v1.14.3 firmware (in releases, v.14.0 is followed by “v1.15.0-Beta1”), but I cannot even find such branch on my local or GitHub repos:

Not much stuff in the documentation for releases

Where could I find information about how to do this, or, if you know, how could I build that version, please?
Alternatively, is it uploaded somewhere?

Sorry, that’s a bit messy at the moment. You can build yourself yourself, or wait.

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There is no v1.14.3 release. And although there is v1.14.2 tagged, the stable release is still at v1.14.0.

I will ping @dagar to get the stable branch to point to v1.14.2, after that you would be able to at least download v1.14.2. I also think that PX4 needs some sort of custom build setup that Betaflight / Ardupilot already has, like idea suggested here: Cloud build (customization) support for PX4 · Issue #21548 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub

In the meantime, If you want to build the v1.14.2 yourself, I recommend you checkout Docker environment based build setup:

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Thank you both for your answers and suggestions, and sorry for my misunderstanding, this comes from weird documentation on the HolyBro site:, and the fact that it seems I hurried too much and I purchased these testing/too recent FCs (my mistake, I should have read bit a more before):

I will do what you say, for testing, I downgraded it to 1.14.0, but some unsupported HW, so, I reverted to the alpha version again, therefore, for now testing with that one, which is OK for controlled tests, I do not expect to have anything for a commercial flight anytime soon :sweat_smile: … and if were able to do, I will probably purchase a 6C.

Thank you for your answers, for your awesome job as well, and kind regards