Testing ailerons on the bench

I want to test the ailerons of a VTOL Mixer on the bench. Is there a possibility to test the ailerons without having to blow into the pitotube ?

If you hit the transition switch while not armed yet it should transition immediately. @tumbili?

Yes, this is correct!

According to above texts, if the transition switch is turned on in disarmed state the ailerons works in response of the attitude of the vehicle on the ground bench.

But in my testing of DeltaQuad VTOL of @sanderux, this bench test function does not work using a quadcopter.

Is it only for some types of VTOL?

I think this is due to quadchute settings

Thanks sanderux, do you mean in disarmed state the elevons work after the transition switch turned on in DeltaQuad VTOL?

All the QuadChute parameters below were set to zeros in my test to prevent QuadChute function, but the bench test function did not work using a quadcopter with DeltaQuad VTOL airframe:

VT_FW_ALT_ERR : Adaptive QuadChute
VT_FW_MIN_ALT : QuadChute Altitude
VT_FW_QC_P : QuadChute Max Pitch
VT_FW_QC_R : QuadChute Max Roll

The problem resolved. Elevons are working after the VT_FW_PERM_STAB is set to 1 (enabled).

I don’t know why the parameter is default set to 0 as I said in the post.

After this setting, in disarmed and landed state if the transition switch is turned on the elevons works according to the attitude of vehicle.

I got to see the reason of my problem:

I was using Manual mode of a VTOL.

In Manual mode of Fixed Wing status of a VTOL, the control surfaces does not work automatically by attitude controller, but it works by RC sticks.

In Fixed Wing status in a VTOL, Manual mode and Stabilized mode are different each other.
But I thought they are same since I was too accustomed to multicopters because in multicopters, Manual mode means Stabilized mode.