How do I use Holybro telemetry on MacBook Pro?

Hello, I’m beginner of px4.
I’m using Holybro 433MHz telemetry for my Pixhawk drone.

The problem is, I’m a MacBook Pro user, and there are only 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports on the device.
But I cannot find out how to change the baud rate of telemetry. I think the default baud rate on my MacBook Pro is 9600 bps. (needed to change to 115200 bps)
When I’m using Window, there was no problem, I could do port setup in “Device Management”.
Strangely with Parallels, the virtual machine, everything goes smoothly without any additional task. In virtual Window OS circumstance, QGroundControl(window version) automatically and fully detect telemetry.

I’m a classical window user and this might be the reason why I’m wandering.
Please let me know how to use this telemetry and change the USB serial port’s baud rate.

I need to figure this out as well.

Bad news for you - I plugged it in and it just worked on both my macs.
I did install FTDI drivers on one but not the other Mac.
You could try that from the FTDI web site, but from what you posted it look like it sees the device.
It did not seem to work at first, but then it did. Wish I could say why.
I will say that on both mac and pc I never set a baud rate.
Virtual com ports don’t really care about baud rate because there is no actual serial port.