HIL tab is not shown on QGC Actuator Outputs section

HIL tab is not shown in Actuator Outputs section of QGC for Cube Orange Hardware when HIL airframe is selected. PX4 v1.14.0 is used.


Anyone have any idea what might be going wrong here?

Should this show up @bkueng ?

The cube orange board configuration is missing the module CONFIG_MODULES_SIMULATION_SIMULATOR_SIH=y (or more specifically the CONFIG_MODULES_SIMULATION_PWM_OUT_SIM=y driver) in the file boards/cubepilot/cubeorange/default.px4board.

Thanks. Will this be fixed in 1.14.3??

Oh, makes sense. Thanks @bkueng.

No, due to flash size constraints we can’t include everything, so this is not a “bugfix” that we could just do for v1.14.3.

I suggest that you check out the release/1.14 branch and build the binary yourself with the modules added that you require.