High vibrations: PX4 v1.14.0 (beta) on Pixhawk Cube Orange Plus

I’ve recently bought cube orange plus. I have been experiencing high vibrations on my quadcopter.
There is a new option of actuators controls in this firmware, I have followed the guide for the configuration of the motors on the quad too. The motors are responsive when I operate the sliders in the actuators setting option but when give the throttle from my transmitter there are high vibrations.

I don’t know where I am going wrong. If someone has any inputs it will be really helpful.

Can you share a log file of a bench test or flight?

How do you know that the vibrations are high? Is that what you hear or do you get error messages?

In my experience, the way the Cube is mounted is crucial. It needs to be mounted firmly on the frame. Maybe that’s a possible cause?

Hi @JulianOes. Thank you for your assistance.


The quad is on my bench and the vibrations are very much visible. I don’t get any error messages on the QGC.

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Hi @reedev
I have not been taking flights with Cube Orange Plus and I can say for certain that there are no errors in the frame or the way the cube is mounted.
The platform that I am using was functional with the Pixhawk 6C, I just replaced it with Cube Orange Plus and its mounted safely.

I have been in a similar situation where I replaced the Pixhawk 4 with a Cube Orange. Mounting is really different. Also, I had vibration on the bench too and when I pressed the Cube firmly, the vibration went away.

Oh so you’re giving up to 100% throttle on the bench! Is this with propellors mounted? I would for sure expect a lot of vibrations like that! The controllers are working like crazy because they can’t reach the setpoints which induces accelerations. Not sure there is much you can do there. If the vibrations persist in flight then that’s another story.

I would try to do an actual flight, and also look at:

@ reedev
Hi , Can you please explain how you tested vibrations on a bench . Was the Quadcopter tethered to a pole from the 4 ends .

I fly to test vibrations.

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i too fly and then check the px4 log review . But is there a separate way like tethering the drone to the pole and then seeing visually

I tried this. The Cube Orange Plus was mounted on a damping pad on my quad, I pressed the cube firmly and the vibrations went away. Now, I have removed the damping pad.
Earlier, I wasn’t even able to take a flight but after removing the damping pad I was able to take a flight.

I took a flight on Position mode, there are still vibrations in the quad but not too much.

For me, I already had vibrations when the drone was on the bench, and I hit it a bit on the arms. No props of course in that case but I already experienced what felt like oscillations.

Later, in the air, it was also very clear. When the Cube was mounted with dampers and even with a not-so-good printed mount, I had vibrations too.

For me, it went away when I mounted the Cube firmly.

Ok cool that you could at least confirm that. That’s another step.

Next, I still had vibrations (just hanging in the air and looking at it at close distance) and it turned out that some parts could be attached in a better way. It’s rather picky and challenging to resolve these issues. And still working on it…

Don’t put dampening to Cubes! They are already internally vibration isolated.