Here3 RTK not getting RTK fix


Our custom built multicopter is equipped with a here3 connected to the cube orange flight controller. We’ve been flying it successfully using the GPS positioning of the HERE3 but recently have started trying to fly with the Here+ RTK base.

Our Here+ RTK base is able to survey-in and when the designated accuracy is reached it goes into RTK Streaming. However, when looking at QGC the Here3 never changes from 3D fix to RTK fixed, even when the RTK is streaming we stay in 3D lock and haven’t been able to achieve RTK positioning.

Our initial thoughts are that the RTK accuracy is set pretty high such that the GPS accuracy might actually be better so the autopilot chooses not to go for the worst positioning provided by RTK. We want to test this but our current environment doesn’t allow us to get low enough RTK accuracy. I would think that the HERE3 would automatically kick into RTK when the RTK is streaming but it just isn’t working.

Can anyone help?