Here3+ no GPS Satelites

Hi, I have a Here3+ and want to connect it to my Cube Orange running PX4. The Here3+ is connected via CAN but I don’t get any satellites even if I am standing outside, and my here+ RTK ground station is getting 18 Satellites or more. On the other hand the Compass is working correctly. I also get MAVLink messages from the GPS but with Satelites 0 and no position. The parameters in QGC show: GPS Count: 0, GPS Lock: None, HDOP 100.0, VDOP: 100.0 Course Over Ground 0.0. can anyone help ?

uavcan_mag adding channel for topic sensor_mag node 125...
uavcan_mag channel 125 instance 1 ok
ERROR [uavcan] GetSet error during param count
uavcan_gnss adding channel for topic sensor_gps node 125...
uavcan_gnss node 125 instance 0 ok
uavcan_gnss node 125 topic sensor_gps instance 0 ok
WARN  [uavcan] GNSS Fix2 msg detected for ch 0; disabling Fix msg for this node
WARN  [health_and_arming_checks] Preflight Fail: High Accelerometer Bias

@schwarz-christoph I am also facing the same problem. Have you got any solution?

No, unfortunately not. I have asked in many forums and unfortunately have not received an answer. I have now written to my online store where I bought the Here3+ and am now getting a replacement unit. Let’s see if it works with it then

Okay bro, if you got any solution please let me know

I got the new unit and it is working now. In my case this worked fine.

(For record I only plugged in the Here3+ and it was working immediately. I got 10 satellites after 1 min)