Unable to get 3D RTK GPS Lock, only able to get 3D GPS Lock

First time posting. I am currently having trouble connecting my RTK base station to my drone. My set up is:

a Here+ RTK base station connected via usb to QGroundControl(I have used U-center to update the firmware on the Here+ and have downloaded the GNSS driver to my pc)

on the rover, I am using a Pixhawk 4(firmware version 1.13.0 custom) with a Ublox M8N GPS module

In the QGround Control Display, it shows the RTK successfully survey-ing in and I have changed the Mavlink protocol to 2 but I am unable to get the gps button to indicate the 3D RTK GPS Lock.

Attached is my QGround Control screenshot and logs.

Additionally, I saw in this post: GPS 3d lock, no RTK something about soldering an additional connection, can someone clarify what they are talking about?

Is there anything that I am missing? Any advice would be appreciated. My current thought is that I need to replace the M8N gps with a M8P.

Hi @paul1,

Is the Here+ connected via CAN or serial?

Correct, the M8N does not support RTK, see https://portal.u-blox.com/s/question/0D52p00009jRwhyCAC/how-to-configure-a-neom8n-as-an-rtk-receiver.

Hi @JulianOes,

Apologies for the very slow response, yes that was the issue, I used a module with the wrong gps chip.

Thank you.

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Did you solve this issue when you replaced your M8N with an RTK Supported one?