Help with my fixed wing take-off / landing / turn

Hello everyone,
I am in trouble because when I am flying a lot of little things are no good to make a good survey :

  1. Impossible to take-off when I push the mode “on”. In fact, nothing happen, my drone is just like in position mode (ailerons, profondeur and all others are moving to ensure a constant altitude), the motor is not running. So what I can do to launch a take-off ? Do you have the precise step ?
    I am using a hand launch mode

  2. Imprecise landing : when my drone is landing, he is not targeting perfectly the area for that. So I am afraid that one day, in a difficult place with not a lot of space, my drone hit something… What I can do to improve that ?

  3. Not following the line of the survey : when I build my flight, QGC give me all the good line to take my pictures. Nevertheless, when my drone is turning, he is not following the line, turn is too long… I try to increase the turnaround distance but it is not enough. I would to decrease the turning radius but I did find the parameter for that. Even the parameters for the roll angle in survey mode…
    Could you help for that ?

Thank you in advance for helping me !
See you !!

PS : excuse my english mistakes, I am french and it is not really easy to discuss about a technical subject in another langage…

Hi there. Can you upload some logs of this? Best is to upload them to flight review then copy the link to them here.

I don’t have this now but next tie I will fly I will give you that. But could you answer my question in part without it ?